Picture taken by Tracy Hornschuch
   Silver Falls State Park, summer of 1999.


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About this Oregon Site

Please excuse the mess. This Oregon site is currently under heavy construction. I'm in the process of cleaning up the look and feel of this site as well as adding more features and links. One of the new features will be an email forwarding service. This new feature will allow you to sign up for an email account using the MyOregon.net domain with no cost to you.

This site will never sell any email accounts, give out information without prior permission, display any pictures without prior permission, and give full credit to any photographers and authors that submit their work to this site. This site is not here to make money, but to provide a space for anyone who loves Oregon. Everyone who visits this site is more than welcomed to join in on building this site. Read below on how you can help.

Concerning displaying your photos here on MyOregon.net... send me a photo you would like to include on this site. Tell me the location it was taken in, when it was taken in, and who took the picture. You can send me a brief description to include on the page with the photo. All photo credit will be given to the photographer, and any written text that is submitted with the photo. If at any time you wish to have the picture removed from this site, email me and I will remove it. Send email to: pictures@MyOregon.net

Concerning business links. I'm looking for links to add to my site. The type of links I'm looking for would be related to traveling, vacationing, outdoor activities, galleries, entertainment, and other fun activites. When sending me email on a link, tell me the location so I can place the link in the correct loction. If you would like to include a small graphical representation, please email me before sending me the graphics. I will not charge to display your link, or business logo. This is meant to be a service for Oregon businesses. Send email to: links@MyOregon.net

I am also interested in displaying Oregon gardens from this site. If you have a garden you wish to display from this site, contact me via email: garden@MyOregon.net. To display your garden here all you will need to provide is at least one quality picture. Displayed with the picture(s) will be a typed article by you talking about your garden along with any tips you would like to share.

Are there any fun events coming soon to your location that you would like to share here? If so, email me and I will add them that region's page. If there are pictures, text, or links you would like to include, I will add them to the page. Email me at: events@MyOregon.net

Have a story about an Oregon vacation you would like to share? Email me at: story@MyOregon.net and I will put on the Internet.

Questions and comments are always welcomed.

BTW, my name is Tracy and I hope you enjoy my site as I build it.
Thank you for visiting.

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